Municipal Building Permit Process

Building Permit Process

The 35 days are divided as follows: 
Day 1: Build Company submits the drawings to the municipality along with a copy of the title certificate.
Day 2: The municipality forwards the file to the municipality ward office where the land is located. 
Day 4: The ward office checks the field and sends a notice to the site’s neighbours. 
Day 8: Start of the maturation of notice period. 
Day 23: Start of the local inquiry done by the ward office. 
Day 27: The ward office sends the file back to the municipality. 
Day 29: The municipality starts the process of issuing a temporary approval of the drawings. At least one of the neighbours must give their consent in order for the project to be approved. Otherwise, the builder can submit a "commitment letter" certifying that he is responsible for any potential disputes in the future. This step can delay the approval process to around 2 months. 

An applicant must submit the following documents along with the building permit application:
• Identity document of the owner (or Company Registration Certificate)
• Certification by a registered architect or engineer
• Cadastral extract
• Proof of land ownership/lease
• Building Plans
• Lot plan
• Proof of tax payment
• Structural plans (not required for buildings with ground coverage area of less than 1,000 sq. ft. and less than 3 stories)
The originals of all documents must be demonstrated when submitting the copies to the Building Permit Section of Kirtipur Municipality, Office of the Municipal Executive.
The building permit fee is calculated as follows :
• Residential building: NPR 10.00 per sq. ft.
• Commercial Building: NPR 20.00 per sq. ft.
For apartment housing and group housing, the application fee is a flat NPR 25.00 per sq. ft.
In addition to the building permit fee, the Urban Development Department also charges a Designer Fee of NPR 2,000.00. The project designer must be licensed by the Department. The license is called Certificate of Designer and is renewed every year at the Municipality. The annual fee is NPR 3,000.00. The Municipality charges an additional NPR 2,000.00 for each building design.

The ward office visits the site and distributes a notice to neighbours

The Company applies for the permanent building permit once the construction has reached plinth level. 

Before issuance of the construction permit, an on-site inspection is conducted by an official from the municipality or the Town Development Committee to ensure that the construction (up to plinth level) conforms to the approved drawings. The company's engineer or architect has to be present during the inspection. 

After inspecting the construction site, the municipality engineer writes a "site report" and issues a permit for construction above the plinth level. 

Request completion certificate

Before issuance of the completion certificate, the municipality conducts an on-site inspection to check if the construction conforms to the approved drawings. An inspector visits the site in 2 -- 3 days after the request for completion certificate and writes a report to the more senior engineer. 

Four signatures are required on the completion certificate: 
• Junior engineer
• Senior engineer
• Chief engineer of Kirtipur Municipality
• Departmental engineer